grazcha fich

We hope you enjoy your meals and drinks, and feel at home in each unique place like we do.

A very special thank you to our graphic designer Laura for all the beautiful Engadin Sgrafitti and paintings, to Miri Roth for her wonderful photography and Michele Menghini for printing the magical booklet with the greatest attention to detail.

Without our participating restaurants and bars this booklet wouldn’t have been possible at all. The commitment to create something special altogether is just the beginning of a longer journey...

Follow us on social media @bunappetitengiadina and share with us your new favourite dishes, places and restaurants, bars or ideas you would like us to include in the future.

Looking forward to meet you in one of our adored spots soon!

Anna & Nik

PS: Please understand that the current Covid 19 situation could affect restaurant opening hours. Support the restaurants at lunch for now and keep in mind you may use the booklet all year long :)